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This site was last updated: 11/13/2006.


This page provides detailed information about each of the Legislative Web Services (LWS) as well as any relevant technical information. In order to report a problem, receive change notifications, submit a change request or submit an inquiry please email us at WebRequest@leg.wa.gov .


Service Information

Error Handling


Service Information


Data dictionary is located in Web Service Data Dictionary.

All services are available at http://wslwebservices.leg.wa.gov/



Service Name

Service Description

Interface Diagram

Class Diagram

Amendment Service


Information on amendments submitted to the rostrum for consideration during a floor session by the House or Senate.



Committee Meeting Service


Information on House and Senate standing committee meetings.



Committee Action Service


Information on House and Senate committee actions.



Committee Service


Information on House and Senate standing committees.


Diagrams\LegislativeEntityClassDiagram.jpg; Diagrams\MemberClassDiagram.jpg

Legislation Service


Information on legislation considered during a legislative biennium.This includes meta data about the legislation, its status in the legislative process, and when it has been heard in committee.


Diagrams\LegislationClassDiagram.jpg; Diagrams\AmendmentClassDiagram.jpg ; Diagrams\CompanionClassDiagram.jpg ; Diagrams\HearingClassDiagram.jpg ; Diagrams\LegislativeStatusClassDiagram.jpg ; Diagrams\RcwCiteAffectedClassDiagram.jpg ; Diagrams\SessionLawClassDiagram.jpg ; Diagrams\SponsorClassDiagram.jpg

Legislative Document Service


Information on available legislative documents on the Legislature’s web site.



Rcw Cite Affected Service

Information on the affect of legislation being considered in a specific biennium on the Revised Code of Washington.



Session Law Service

Information on the legislation that have passed the legislature.


Diagrams\SessionLawClassDiagram.jpg; Diagrams\LegislationClassDiagram.jpg

Sponsor Service


Information on the entities that can sponsor legislation for a specific biennium.


Diagrams\MemberClassDiagram.jpg; Diagrams\LegislativeEntityClassDiagram.jpg


Error Handling

All services are designed to perform input validation prior to any business logic being executed. Exceptions – in the form of SOAP Faults – will be thrown for any invalid input. Examples of invalid input are:


·         Null or empty input strings

·         Invalid biennium strings (not in the format “2005-06”)


Exceptions will also be thrown for any service where a singular object (vs. a collection of objects) is expected to be returned but is not found. An example would be searching for legislation information on a specific bill.


It is strongly recommended that client applications use good coding principles by surrounding the code that invokes the service with a try-catch block. This will ensure that any exceptions can be handled gracefully and will also provide detailed information about the error which will help with troubleshooting.